Additional Notes

Savvy Treasury

The treasury supports community initiatives to further Savvy's mission and to grow the Savvy Ecosystem. The Savvy Treasury manages and has access to both the SVY token allocation and the revenue generated by Savvy Protocol.
Through progressive decentralization, control of the Savvy Treasury will be handed over to the Savvy DAO so that the community can best decide how to use the funding in the future. Holders of SVY Tokens will have input on governance and allocation of funds.
The Savvy Treasury is managed by a multi-signature wallet, allowing for a safer, more modular approach. It prevents unauthorized access and token loss by requiring a predefined number of signers to approve a transaction, a combination of members from the core team and the community.

Business Model

The Savvy Protocol funds operations in three ways: fee on yield earned, 3rd-party rewards, and treasury funds management. Earned fees are routed via smart contracts into the Savvy Treasury. The Savvy Protocol is set up for early self-sustainability with the potential for explosive growth at scale.
  • 10% of Harvested Yield Profits: Retain 10% of the harvested yield profits. The harvest yield profits are generated from the total yield earned across all user deposits.
  • Third-Party Rewards (Governance Gauge Voting): Achieve POL to earn rewards, including third-party governance tokens; incentivize svToken pools.
  • Treasury Funds Management: Deploy unique strategies that provide an additional Protocol Yield to facilitate stakeholder revenue sharing.