Savvy Booster

What is Savvy Booster?

Savvy Booster is a reserved allocation of SVY for users with an open borrow position and a veSVY balance. veSVY is accrued by staking SVY. Boosted yield earns the user SVY.

The Savvy Booster promotes healthy protocol use by providing Savvy protocol users:

  • Borrowers benefit because their open borrow position earns them SVY.

  • Stakers benefit because their veSVY helps earn them SVY.

  • SVY holders benefit because staking (the method to acquire veSVY) removes SVY from circulation.

How is my Savvy Booster rewards determined?

Savvy Booster rewards are calculated using a function of user's and protocol's total veSVY and outstanding credit balance multiplied by the boosted reward pool. The following equation is used to calculate the Savvy Booster rewards:

Ryou:R_{you}: Your SVY rewards

Dyou:D_{you}: Your debt

Dtotal:D_{total}: Total protocol debt

E:E: Rate of SVY emissions

T:T: Elapsed time

Ryou=DyouƗveSVYyouDtotalƗveSVYtotalƗEƗTR_{you} = \frac{\sqrt{D_{you} \times veSVY_{you}}}{\sqrt{D_{total} \times veSVY_{total}}} \times E \times T

How can I see my current Savvy Booster metrics?

Users can refer to the My SVY dashboard on the app to see their current veSVY, Earn Rates and Boost APR.

Price Oracles

Prices are provided by Supra Oracles due to their high reliability and speed. For repayment of credit lines, Savvy always considers base assets and svTokens 1:1.

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