Liquidity Pools

Users who prefer not to wait in the Savvy Swap redemption queue can use the svToken—Base Asset stableswap pools on their AMM of choice to swap in and out. The Savvy community provides the liquidity for these pools. Savvy rewards the liquidity providers (LP) in the form of SVY tokens and, from time to time, as additional incentives (e.g., ARB). SVY allocation for this as a rough monthly schedule can be accessed here.

The current list of liquidity pools, their links, and whether they are incentivized are as follows:

Uniswap Pools

Savvy utilizes Merkl, a reward calculation and distribution platform developed by Angle Labs. This platform allows Savvy to configure different reward ratios for svTokens, base assets, and fees in alignment with protocol objectives. Merkl operates through an off-chain script that analyzes on-chain data of incentivized pools and due to the off-chain nature, it never touches the LP funds and doesn’t introduce any additional smart contract risk.

LPs can choose to provide liquidity directly over Uniswap v3 or by using any of the supported ALMs, such as Steer, for easier concentrated liquidity management.

Rewards are claimed via Merkl interface, regardless of the liquidity platform.

The current weights of rewards distributed over Merkl are as follows:

Camelot Pools

Savvy utilizes Nitro pools to incentivize LPs in Camelot Pools. Savvy's Nitro pools have no minimum lock or deposit amounts. Liquidity providers are required to stake their LP positions (spNFTs) into the Nitro pool to be eligible for the incentives shown at the top of this page. More information on Nitro can be found here.

Balancer TriCrypto Pool

Savvy hosts a svUSD-svETH-svBTC pool on Balancer to help incentivize liquidity and trading among svTokens. This pool provides Savvy traders with another source of liquidity. For instance, if there is not enough FRAX in the svUSD-FRAX pool on Uniswap, traders can use the TriCrypto pool to swap their svUSD for either svBTC or svETH and utilize the liquidity available in other svToken pools.

Liquidity providers are required to stake their Balancer LP positions into Aura to be eligible for the incentives. TriCrypto pool distributes rewards in the form of AURA and BAL tokens.

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