Closing a Line of Credit

When do I need to pay back the line of credit?

You only need to pay down your line of credit if you want to withdraw while you have an open credit line. Otherwise, your deposit will continue earning yield and pay off the credit line with time.

Which tokens are accepted to pay down debt?

When closing a line of credit, both the base tokens and their respective svTokens are accepted.

If a user wants to exit their debt position early prior to completed auto-repayment, they can manually repay the balance of their debt to withdraw collateral. Savvy always considers 1 svToken as equivalent to 1 base token for repayments.

How do I self-liquidate?

The liquidate function allows you to use your deposited collateral as a source of funds to repay your debt. Savvy credit lines are always overcollateralized, meaning there will always be enough funds in your account to cover your credit line and exit.

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