The following terms are discussed throughout the whitepaper. They are collected here for the reader's ease.
  • Advance on Future Yield: Instant funding is provided against yield-bearing deposits, allowing for maximum capital efficiency.
  • Token Derivative: A token correlated in value to its base token such as wrapped tokens. (eg. AVAX, WAVAX, and yyAVAX).
  • Base Token: Tokens that are accepted as collateral in a Savvy CDP.
  • Boosted Rewards: Secondary form of yield in different tokens from deposited collateral.
  • Debt: Amount owed to the Savvy Protocol.
  • Deposit Token: ERC20 that represents what the LGE accepts to buy with (USDC)
  • Future Yield: Access to additional tangible or intangible assets at some future point.
  • Loan-To-Value (LTV): Ratio of the value of the loan divided by the value of the collateral backing the loan. Both values must be in the same unit of account.
  • Net-Zero Borrow Cost: The cost to borrow is always offset by the yield harvested on the deposited collateral. Because the Savvy Credit Line is automatically repaid, the condition of net-zero cost of borrowing is created.
  • Protocol Controlled Value (PCV): PCV is a subset of the concept of TVL, in which a platform outright owns the assets locked into the smart contracts.
  • Savvy Line of Credit (Savvy Credit Line): A flexible collateralized loan issued in svTokens without interest payments, unlike TradFi credit lines.
  • Slippage: The price difference between swapped tokens, can vary based on specific pool liquidity, market conditions, and volatility.
  • Synthetic: Various tokenized derivatives of currencies, assets, and other cryptos.
  • Savvy Stable Pool: AMMs that balance svTokens paired with other correlated tokens to support liquidity and price stability.
  • Unit of Account: The currency used to measure the price of an asset.
  • Yield: A return or gain on an underlying crypto position.
  • Yield Aggregator (Yield Optimizer): Yield aggregators maximize returns on AMM pools by constantly harvesting rewards and reinvesting them back into the pools. These aggregators earn higher yields, minimize gas fees, and improve user experience.
  • Yield Token: ERC20 of yield-bearing external strategy (mooAaveAVAX)