Savvy is designed to follow a path of progressive decentralization, gradually ceding control of the protocol to the community. Governance is measured in the voting power represented by the SVY token. Holders of SVY tokens attain membership to the Savvy DAO to participate in the decision-making process for the protocol.
Our fair launch is the very first sale event for the SVY token. We allow open access for anyone to gain SVY tokens at inception to maximize the distribution of governance. Savvy did not participate in any private pre-sale rounds because we believe this unfairly consolidates voting rights. The core team only receives 10% of the governance token supply in a linear 6-year vest, which significantly weakens the influence of their voting power.
The Savvy DAO aims to encourage self-regulation and policy management by utilizing both on-chain (e.g., snapshot, gnosis safe) and off-chain (eg. notion, discord) tools. The Savvy DAO also provides distributed authority and constrained delegation for subcommittees around topics like tokenomics or yield strategies. This empowers groups of active contributors with localized decision-making. We hope to lower the barrier to meaningful contributions that align the interests of all stakeholders within the Savvy ecosystem.