Savvy User Guide

Experience the flexibility and convenience of leveraging your assets with Savvy. The platform allows you to borrow against select stablecoins with our svToken, svUSD. For crypto enthusiasts, borrow against AVAX with svAVAX and BTC with svBTC.
Deposit - To begin, select a yield strategy and add collateral, such as stablecoins, AVAX, or BTC, to that strategy.
Borrow - You can borrow up to the acceptable collateralization ratio and receive a synthetic token, known as a svToken, representing future yield equivalent to the borrowed amount.
Convert - You can swap your svToken for any other token using a DEX or DEX Aggregator. Before doing so, check the current price of the svTokens. The svTokens will also be used directly on some DeFi protocols.
Spend - You can use the loan for any purpose, such as buying more crypto, vacationing, or saving cash.
Wait - Your chosen yield strategy will work to earn interest on your initial deposit. The harvested yield will automatically pay down your debt over time.
Borrow - You can borrow more svTokens.
Repay - If desired, you can repay your loans using the respective svToken or underlying base token.
Withdraw - You can withdraw the principal and leave Savvy.
Self-Liquidate - Self-liquidate at any time, up to the collateralization ratio. Savvy always views 1 svToken as equivalent to 1 underlying deposit (i.e., 1 svUSD = 1 USDC/USDT/DAI, 1 svBTC = 1 BTC, or 1 svAVAX = 1 AVAX) for borrowing, self-liquidating, and repaying loans.